Charisma Price

Charisma Price was born and raised in North Philadelphia. Ms. Price saw the most complex situations and living conditions growing up in a poverty stricken community. She was always a free spirted person, but needed to find a vice to take her mentally away from her surroundings and music was it. Charisma Price has always loved the spotlight and dancing, modeling, writing and singing helped her achieve that. Ms. Price found her passion “Hip Hop” falling in love immediately with the unusual melodic beats and flow of which Ms. Price was intrigue immensely. Ms. Price embraced her love by pop locking and break dancing and joined a local break dancing crew called the Philadelphia Floor Takers. Ms. Price appeared on several episodes of “Dancin’ on Air” as a teen which was a local television show.

In later years Ms. Price found a home at Philly Hott Radio as a radio personality. Charisma Price also known as Rizzy Real is the host of a show called “The Connect Show” which she currently host the first Sunday of every month. This show is geared towards underground artist who otherwise wouldn’t get airplay or exposure. Ms. Price’s creative spirit combined with her management experience and education caught the eye of the CEO/Founder of Live and Direct Media Group who has entrusted her with his magazine Live and Direct Magazine as well as making her Partner/ Chief Operating Officer of Live and Direct Media Group which owns and operates Live and Direct Radio and Live and Direct Magazine. This Hip Hop Heiress who wears many hats as a radio personality, Editor and Chief, Partner and now Chief Operating Officer for Live and Direct Media Group believes all things are possible.

Ms. Price is a true renaissance woman who has held traditional jobs as well as she is a proud mother of three adult sons. She has successfully combined her management education and experience with her passion for Hip Hop. Charisma launched her very own radio station Lady LinQ Radio last year and as the CEO of this station, she is vastly moving in the direction of empowering woman in media through her leadership and tenacity. Charisma host her show \”Ladies Night\” on her very own station every Friday to give women in business exposure and promotion that will reach the masses through media.


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