Jacqueline Twillie

Jacqueline Twillie is the Founder and President of ZeroGap, residing in Dallas Texas.

Your Title/Business Name:
Founder and President, ZeroGap


Instagram Handle:

Describe what your hometown was like. Where were you born and raised?
My hometown is in South Louisiana it’s a place with great food and kind people. Most of my family lived within driving distance and it’s just a place where people kick back on weekends after working hard throughout the week.

Where do you currently reside?
Dallas, TX

What is your favorite cereal?
Do cereal bars count – any KIND BAR!

How did you get started on this road of business? What began it all, and what did the path look like along the way?
I’ve had several businesses since I was a teen. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Each business I’ve started bloomed out of a need I saw. For the past 4 years, I’ve worked tirelessly on women’s leadership and I don’t see my work in this area ending anything soon. I’m on a mission to eliminate the gender wage gap.

Give us some business advice or one success tip in your field.
In any business, the key to success is having a vision and working consistently in your pursuit of excellence in that area.

What has been the hardest part of being a business owner?
We all have challenges. As you grow the next level of challenges will make the previous challenges that you thought were life-altering look like a piece of cake ( LOL). It’s about perspective; understanding that growth happens outside of your comfort zone. I firmly know that I can overcome any challenge.

What’s in store for you this year?
Lots of great things. Follow my Twitter for exciting announcements at www.twitter.com/jvtwillie

What would be some word of advice to those individuals who are working their business and working a 9-5?
Wherever you are, be all there. Don’t work on your side business while you are at your 9-5 and don’t work on your 9-5 in the evenings and weekends when you’re working on the side business.

What are some things you do to ensure work/life balance?
I maximize all moments whether saving time by using a rideshare vs driving or having grocery delivered. Time management and apps help to maintain the “right” balance for my life!

What is your favorite tech app and why?
My favorite app is audiobooks. It allows me to always learn even when I’m on the go or waiting in line for TSA 🙂