Jenni Steele

Jenni Steele is a Mother, Author, Media Personality, National Ambassador DVUK, and the January 2017 Nominee for a Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedicated years of services to women empowerment and DV community support services. (Excellence In Diversity Awards in London). Based in England she regularly travels back and forth to ATL- New York and Philadelphia. Jenni Steele is a survivor of teen domestic violence who has transformed her life and turned a negative journey into positive solutions in education while empowering others. An expert in her field spending the last 20 years of talking about her experiences and lack of support, supporting others , signposting support services and creating programs alongside raising a family and creating a successful career in media.

Head hunted by DVUK 3 years ago, she has launched 8 campaigns. Her programs are freelance which she has created based on highlighting what is healthy and years of confidential messages via social media and emails. This Triple Inspirational Award winner who became the critical friend of the borough police commander in Lewisham, the town she was raised, bridged the gap with the community and the police for 2 years. Jenni Steele is a co author of 2 books. 1) Letters to a young generation – A chapter dedicated to highlighting healthy relationships and signs in young people terms and 2) Wounds to Wisdom International – A collaboration of 12 survivors. Jenni was the only UK Author. A chapter on rebuilding your life after trauma and the principals on how rebuilding your confidence. This book became a best seller on Amazon in 2 months.

In 2015, the Jenni Steele Foundation launched to support, empower and educate youth in areas of the creative industry and life skills. They partnered with corporate companies and charities. In 2016, Jenni was the only UK cast member as Dr Jenner in Lipstick Monologues in ATL; a sold out theatre production. Jenni is also a International Entertainment correspondent regularly seen on the red carpet who has interviewed Idris Elba amongst a few. A Red Carpet host and celebrity presenter often seen at film premieres and award shows including Philadelphia Independent Film Awards in 2016 and has just been announced again for 2017! Last year, they hosted Will Smiths mother and sister. It does not end there!! Jenni has just announced her signature cocktail syrup \”Red Beauty\” curated by Unique Syrups in New York (Low calorie and Vegan friendly) which launches in the coming months!

MUA Credit: Shannon Nicole (Instagram @_ShannonNicole)