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A woman that exudes leadership, strength and success describes our Founder of Bosses In Power™, TaRhonda Harvey. TaRhonda, seen in Black Enterprise, Sheen Magazine, HuffPost, ABC and other media outlets, took her passion for making a difference in the lives of individuals and business owners and started Bosses In Power, LLC in 2015. She understood that the key to being a great business owner is to learn from others that have paved the way to entrepreneurship, but that it is important to also have a great support system. Her purpose of establishing Bosses In Power was to allow men and women entrepreneurs to network and support one another in each other endeavors.

TaRhonda combined her drive to help others succeed and the love of Information Technology and started Kolmio Global, Inc. Based out of West Palm Beach FL, Kolmio Global provides Business Consulting, Web Design and Brand Development services to individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations. Her forward thinking and passion for business development helps individuals build their dream business. She inspire others to transform their thinking, unlock their true potential and move forward with their life/business goals.

With her educational background of a Master of Science degree in Business Management, four IT certifications and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Studies from Florida State University, TaRhonda uses the power of technology to maximize the growth of Bosses In Power. Bosses In Power has allowed business owners from all over the United States and internationally to connect virtually and in-person. TaRhonda will continue to spearhead initiatives to promote Bosses In Power and develop opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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